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Memon Times Issue of November 2023

Fakhr-E-Insaaniyat Award Presented to Mr. Salman Iqbal (President WMO) by All India Memon Jamat Federation in Get Together Cum Dinner on 17/10/2023

Mr. Iqbal Memon Officer is a dynamic leader, a humanitarian of note, an orator par excellence but above all, he is the most gracious host. Ask any foreign Memon delegation visiting India, if they had a taste of his warm hospitality and they will pay the most glowing tributes to this giant of the Indian Memon community.
So last night was no different.
The All India Memon Jamaat Federation (AIMJF) held a grand reception to welcome Mr. Salman Iqbal - President of the World Memon Organisation, Mr. Ashraf Sattar - Chairman of WMO Board of Trustees and OBE Haroon Karim.
The oratory skills on display were from the top draw but the winning line of the evening, undeniably came from Iqbal Officer. He eloquently articulated that if both Iqbals, namely himself and Salman Iqbal joined forces, the future of the Indian Memon community would indeed be very bright.
Truer words have never been spoken

Dated: 17/10/2023, Mumbai

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